Heat Resistant Thermal Barrier Aramid Felt

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Model F55, F68, F70, F90, etc
Composition 80%Meta-Aramid, 20%Para-Aramid
Weight 55g/m²( 1.62 oz/yd²), 68g/m²( 2.00 oz/yd²), 70g/m²( 2.06 oz/yd²), 90g/m²( 2.65 oz/yd²)
Width 150cm
Available Colors Natural Yellow
Production Process Spunlace Non-woven
Features Heat Insulation, Inherently Flame Retardant

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This aramid non-woven fabric is light in weight, breathable, heat-insulating, and flame-retardant, which makes fire-resistant clothing such as fire-fighting clothing have a good heat-insulating function and provides safety protection for firefighters. Commonly used as interlayer for garments, it can be combined with our aramid IIIA, IIA fabrics, lining fabrics to create a complete fireproof protective garment. Fabric can be washed.


·Inherently flame retardant
·High temperature resistance
·Heat insulation


Fireproof clothing, firefighters turnout gear, Industry, gloves, etc

Test Data

Physical characteristics Unit Standard Requirement Test Result




Flame Retadation

Warp Afterfalme time s ≤2 0
 Burning -out length mm  ≤100 25
Experiment Phenomenon / No melting drips Qualified
Weft Afterfalme time s ≤2 0
Burning -out length mm  ≤100 34
Experiment Phenomenon / No melting drips Qualified
WashingShrinkage Rate Warp % ≤5 1.1
Weft % ≤5 1.3
Thermal Stability Change Rate % ≤10 1.0
Phenomenon / There is no obvious change in the surface of the sample Qualified
Quality Per Unit Area g/m2 72±4 74

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Customize Service Weight, Width
Packing 500meters/roll
Delivery Time Stock Fabric: within 3 days. Customize Order: 30days.

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