Special Flame Retardant Antistatic Aramid Fabric 160gsm

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Model HFF160
Composition Meta aramid, FR viscose, Antistatic fiber,FR elastane
Weight 4.7oz/yd²- 160 g/m²
Width 150cm
Available Colors Skyblue (Color can be customized)
Structure Plain
Features Inherently Flame Retardant, Anti static, Heat Resistant, Micro-elasticity

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This fabric composition is 58% meta-aramid, 37% flame retardant viscose, 3% flame retardant spandex, 2% conductive fiber.
This aramid fabric is specially designed for special work clothes in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and other flame retardant anti-Static clothing.
The visible conductive fibers are evenly distributed in the warp and weft directions of the fabric, and each direction of the fabric has good anti static properties, which greatly increases the anti static protection function of the fabric.
This kind of fabric is added with flame-retardant spandex, and the fabric has micro-elasticity, which allows workers to stretch freely while working, with flexible movements, and the fabric is not easy to tear.This fabric is light, breathable, hygroscopic, quick-drying, 160g/m2, suitable for summer clothing.

Flame retardant
The fabric itself is flame retardant, and no flame retardant additives are added. Normal washing will not affect the flame retardancy of the fabric.

High temperature resistance
The fabric has high temperature resistance, heat insulation and good thermal stability.

Anti Static
It can pass the test requirements of anti-static clothing

Tear Resistant
It has high breaking strength, tear-proof, suitable for labor protection clothing, durable.
For specific test data, please check the test report. Please contact us to download the test report.

Get A Free Sample
Regarding oil and gas petrochemical work clothes, spring, autumn, summer and winter clothing, we have corresponding fabrics of different specifications and different colors. Taking into account the possible dangers that may be encountered in the working environment, every detail is considered, and the protective function of the fabric is maximized. The fabric can pass the professional test report, flame retardant clothing test and anti-static test.
Regular colors: sky blue, ocean blue, red, orange. Regular specifications are in stock. If customized, the delivery time is fast and the MOQ is small.
Test reports are available. Fabric samples can be provided. Please contact us.


· Inherently flame retardant
· High temperature resistance
· Heat Resistant
· Anti Static
· Ripstop


Oil and gas, petrochemical, industrial protective clothing. Fireproof clothing


NFPA 2112, ISO11612, etc

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Customize Service Color, Weight, Dyeing method, Structure
Packing 100meters/roll
Delivery Time Stock Fabric: within 3 days. Customize Order: 30days.

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