Fireproof & Antistatic Aramid IIA Fabric 200gsm

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Name Description
Model HFD200, HFD200-1
Composition 98%Meta-Aramid, 2%Antistatic fiber, (+Elastane FR)
Weight 5.9 oz/yd²- 200 g/m²
Width 150cm
Available Colors Orange,etc(Color can be customized)
Structure Grid,Twill
Features Inherently Flame Retardant, Anti static, Heat Resistant, Water Proof

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This fabric is composed of 98% Meta-Aramid fiber and 2% Anti-static fiber, so we also call it aramid IIA fabric for short.It is specially designed for forest fire suits, rescue suits, emergency response, suitable for a variety of rescue scenarios. The fabric can meet the relevant test requirements and even exceed the test requirements.

The fabric is available in stretch and non-stretch, and the stretch allows rescuers to move more flexibly.

The fabrics are Chinese aramid, Teijin Aramid or Dupont Nomex® which can be selected by customers themselves, and we provide customized services.

The fabric is composed of 98% meta-aramid fiber and 2% antistatic fiber, so we also call it aramid IIA fabric for short. Evenly distributed conductive filaments can be seen on the surface of the fabric, with good antistatic properties. This fabric is specially designed for forest firefighting suits, rescue suits, emergency response clothing, and is suitable for a variety of rescue scenarios. The fabric can meet the test requirements of relevant protective clothing fabrics.
The main color of the fabric is orange. There are stretch and non-stretch series, the stretch fabric has good stretch and is more comfortable to wear.

Permanent flame retardant
Aramid fiber itself is flame retardant, so this fabric itself is flame retardant. The fabric does not continue to burn away from the fire source, and it does not melt and drip when encountering the flame.

Through a special structural process, the conductive filaments are evenly distributed on the fabric, not hidden in the yarn. Therefore, the antistatic property of the fabric is better, and the safety of rescuers in dangerous environments is more protected.

High temperature resistance
Wear this fabric to protect your safety when entering and leaving the fire. The long-term high temperature resistance is higher than 200 ℃, which is not only suitable for emergency rescue clothing, but also suitable for forest fire fighting clothing.

Water proof
The fabric has a certain degree of water resistance, which meets the waterproof requirements of emergency rescue clothing.

The fabric is a tear-resistant rip stop structure and has tear-resistant properties. The clothing of rescuers is not easy to tear when working, which increases safety and increases the service life of protective clothing fabrics.
We have been focusing on how to improve the safety protection of rescue workers' clothing, so that they can help the society while keeping themselves safe.


· Inherently flame retardant
· High temperature resistance
· Heat Resistant
· Anti Static
· Ripstop
· Water Proof


ISO11612, NFPA 1975, etc


Forest fire protection suit, Rescue suit,etc.

Customize Service Color, Weight, Dyeing method, Structure
Packing 100meters/roll
Delivery Time Stock Fabric: within 3 days. Customize Order: 30days.

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