Electrical Insulation Nomex Aramid Paper

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Model FY65,FY80
Composition 100%Meta-Aramid
Weight 65g/m²( 1.92 oz/yd²), 80g/m²( 2.36 oz/yd²),etc
Width 250mm,330mm,1500mm, customize
Available Colors Natural Yellow
Production Process Spunlace Non-woven, Calendering
Features Electrical Insulation, High Strength, Inherently Flame Resistance, High Temperature Resistance

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Our electrical insulating paper is made of 100% meta aramid fiber or 100% nomex fiber, which is made of non-woven base fabric by spunlace non-woven process, and finally made by special calendering process. It has high strength, good stability, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, insulation, low deformation and other properties, mainly used for circuit boards, electric vehicles, electronic products, transformer insulation materials. It is a product developed by modern high-tech development, and the requirements for electrical insulation and high temperature resistance are simultaneously improved. This aramid insulating paper can be used for a long time without aging at a high temperature of 220 °C. The maximum temperature for short-term use is above 300 °C.

Excellent Mechanical Properties

The electrical and mechanical properties of aramid 1313 can be maintained for about 10 years. Wear-resistant, high strength, acid and alkali resistance. The product has a long service life.

Electrical Insulation

Our aramid paper has excellent electrical insulation, high dielectric strength, low relative permittivity, and low dielectric loss, making the insulating electric field evenly distributed and less lossy.

Ultra-low halogen content, non-toxic and Environmentally friendly

After testing, our aramid paper does not contain fluorine, bromine, iodine and other halogen elements, and the chlorine content is controlled below 400ppm, which is in line with the international halogen-free environmental protection trend. Will detect, not detect the toxic and hazardous substances in the EU RoHS Directive, do not contain all kinds of hazardous substances that the electronics industry is concerned about.

Thermal Stability

It does not deform and melt at high temperature, which can greatly improve the ability of mechanical and electrical products to withstand overheating and overload.

Please tell us your product application, we can send you free samples for testing. According to your test results, you can customize the insulating paper that meets your product performance requirements. The size of insulating paper can also be customized.

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Customize Service Weight, Width,Length
Packing 150meters/roll
Delivery Time Stock Fabric: within 3 days. Customize Order: 30days.

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