Aramid IIIA Woven Fabric in 200gsm

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Model HF200
Composition 93%Meta-Aramid, 5%Para-aramid, 2%Antistatic.93%Nomex®, 5%Kevlar®, 2%Antistatic
Weight 5.9 oz/yd²- 200 g/m²
Width 150cm
Available Colors Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Orange,Khaki,etc
Structure Ripstop Grid, Twill, Plain
Features Inherently Flame Retardant, Anti static, Heat Resistant, Water proof

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Aramid IIIA fabric has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, heat insulation, flame retardant, anti-static, waterproof, supply heat and flash fire protection. This fabric can provide life safety protection for firefighters during rescue and prolong the precious escape time.

The fabric is light in weight, and on the basis of guaranteeing superior protective performance, it reduces the weight of the garments, making their movements more convenient and more conducive to protecting their own lives.

Aramid IIIA Woven fabric series fabrics are made of 93% meta-aramid,  5% para-aramid, 2% antistatic fiber blended yarn. Unlike flame-retardant treated materials, aramid-branded fibers are inherently flame-retardant, which is an inherent property of polymer chemistry. It will not diminish during the life of the fiber.

High temperature resistance
Aramid IIIA Woven fabric series fabrics maintain good performance in the long-term at 260°C and in the short-term at 300°C.

High mechanical strength and light weight
The tear strength and toughness of this fabric are higher than those of aramid/viscose and modacrylic/cotton blends. The fabric can meet the test requirements of fire-fighting protective clothing fabrics for fire-fighting clothing, and the quality of the fabric is very light, ranging from 150g to 250g. It meets the same protection requirements as other FR fabrics, and the weight is much lighter.

Excellent color fastness
Aramid IIIA Woven fabric series fabrics have good color fastness to washing, and can also be washed industrially. Color fastness to washing is 4-5. Solution dyed (dope dyed) aramid fabrics have high color fastness under the influence of light. Colorfastness to light > class 5 for most fabrics. Clothing remains as new for its lifetime.

Anti-pilling and comfort
We use special treatments to improve pilling resistance. Our Aramid IIIA Woven fabrics have less surface pilling after prolonged use. The fabric chooses fine denier aramid fiber for better hand feel, and the fabric feels finer and more high-end.

Excellent durability
The abrasion resistance of the fabric can be >100,000 cycles. The fabric is very strong and durable, especially compared to other materials such as FR cotton, FR viscose, modacrylic fabrics.

Easy care and appearance maintenance
The fabric has undergone special finishing, the fabric is very wide and tangible, and it is not easy to wrinkle and deform, which is very suitable for outer fabric.

Water proof
The fabric can meet the waterproof requirements of firefighter protective clothing.

Customizable production
The fabric is in stock and can also be customized. Colors include royal blue, navy blue, black, khaki, orange, etc. Regular weights are 150g, 200g, other weights can be customized. Fabric structure: plaid, plain weave, twill.


ISO11612, NFPA 1975, EN11612, NFPA2112


firefighters turnout gear, Firefighting suit, flight suits, police uniforms,etc.

Test Data

Physical characteristics Unit Standard Requirement Test Result




Flame Retadation

Warp Afterfalme time s ≤2 0
 Burning -out length mm  ≤100 24
Experiment Phenomenon / No melting drips Qualified
Weft Afterfalme time s ≤2 0
Burning -out length mm  ≤100 20
Experiment Phenomenon / No melting drips Qualified
Breaking Strength Warp N ≥650 1408
Weft N 988.0
Tear Strength Warp N ≥100 226.0
Weft N 159.5
Shrinkage Rate Warp % ≤5 1.4
Weft % ≤5 1.4

Color Fastness

Washable and stain resistant level ≥3 4
Color fastness to water rubbing level ≥3 4
Color fastness to light level ≥4 Qualified
Thermal Stability Change Rate % ≤10 1.0
Phenomenon / There is no obvious change in the surface of the sample Qualified
Surface Moisture Resistance level ≥3 3
Quality Per Unit Area g/m2 200±10 201

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Customize Service Color, Weight, Dyeing method, Structure
Packing 100meters/roll
Delivery Time Stock Fabric: within 3 days. Customize Order: 30days.

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