Cut Resistant UHMWPE Fabric

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Model HRPEK05, ZB202, ZB404, etc
Composition UHMWPE(HPPE), Composition fiber
Weight 350gsm, 410gsm, 460gsm, 540gsm, 570gsm, 915gsm,customize
Width 150cm
Available Colors Gray, White, Black, Blue,etc
Production Process Knitted, Woven
Features Cut Proof , Bite Proof, Slash Resistant

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Our cut-resistant fabrics contain UHMWPE (HPPE) fiber. UHMWPE is a high-strength, high-modulus fiber that is also used in body armor.
UHMWPE cut-resistant series of fabrics, the composition is 100% UHMWPE, or UHMWPE mixed with polyester, glass fiber, steel wire. It is a kind of filament fabric, and the regular filament has 100D-500D. According to the customer's use, requirements, preferences to choose.
The cut resistance level of existing fabrics can reach the highest level A7 of ASTM F2992/F2992M-15, Level 5 of EN388:2016. A higher level of protection is required and can be customized.
The cut resistance of UHMWPE is better than that of aramid 1414, and the quality is lighter than that of Para-Aramid. Para-Aramid is flame retardant, UHMWPE is not flame retardant. If flame retardant is not required, and the focus is on cut resistance, this series of fabrics is the best choice. UHMWPE is currently the best cut-resistant material on the market. If you need para-aramid or Kevlar cut resistant fabric, of course we have it too.
UHMWPE cut-resistant fabric is a professional cut-resistant fabric.


· Anti cut
· Knife resistant
· Tear resistant
· Stab proof
· Puncture resistant

Customized Service

UHMWPE cut-resistant series of fabrics have different weights, structures, colors, woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, and different cut-resistant grades. We can provide accurate and suitable fabrics for your products according to specific requirements. We have customized cut-resistant fabrics for many customers, which are widely used, such as machine shop workers clothing, police, doctors, hockey clothing, bags, gloves, clothing pockets. Customers are very satisfied. Cut proof gloves also could be customized.

Minimum Order Quantity

Fabric MOQ is small and delivery time is fast. UHMWPE knitted fabric, the general MOQ is only 80kgs, and the delivery time is 15 days.
The minimum order quantity of woven fabric is generally 1000meters-2000meters, which is determined by the fabric specification.

Free samples are welcome, We can provide cut resistance test report. Please contact us.


NFPA 2112, ISO11612, etc.


Ultra high cut resistant gloves, Work wear, Protective sportswear, Police, etc.

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Customize Service Weight, Width, Color
Packing 50meters/roll
Delivery Time Stock Fabric: within 3 days. Customize Order: 25days.

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