Thermal Insulation Aramid Quilted Fabric For Fireproof Suit

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Model F70+FV120
Composition Aramid&Viscose FR
Weight 200g/m²( 5.9oz/yd²)
Width 150cm
Available Colors Natural yellow+gray
Production Process Aramid non-woven fabric, Quilted with Meta-Aramid&Viscose FR fabric
Features Heat Insulation, Inherently Flame Retardant, Breathable

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This fire proof fabric is lightweight thermal insulation aramid non-woven fabric quilted with fire proofing viscose fabric, which is to combine the thermal barrier and the comfortable layer, which is convenient for making fire suits directly. The quilted graphics have diamond and arc shapes, the fabric is beautiful and flat, and there is space for thermal insulation inside the fabric.
The product can reach EN469 firefighter protective clothing/European standard. It is suitable for the inner fabric of firefighting clothing, forest fire protection clothing, emergency rescue clothing, and oil and gas pipeline clothing.

Fabric construction
The fabric can be directly used together with the outer fabric to make a complete set of flame retardant thermal insulation protective clothing. Outer fabrics can be selected from our range of aramid woven fabrics.
This aramid nonwoven is 100% aramid fiber, which is made by spunlace nonwoven process. Aramid non-woven fabrics can choose any specification. The conventional specifications are 70g/m2, 90g/m2, 120g/m2 aramid non-woven fabrics. The higher the gram weight, the better the heat insulation. Of course, 70g/m2 is enough to meet the requirements of EN469 test standard.
The grey fabric is a woven fabric No. FV120, a blend of aramid and flame retardant viscose. The fabric is light and breathable, only 120g/m2.
These 2 fabrics are quilted together through a special quilting process. The quilting thread used is also flame retardant. Therefore, the final fabric is flame retardant, high temperature resistant, heat insulating, comfortable, hygroscopic and breathable, and can be worn directly against the skin.

Customized service
Supply regular spot fabrics, and can also customize and develop fabrics. Please tell us your requirements and we will provide professional solutions. Free test samples are provided.
The quality of our products has been recognized in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, India, Pakistan and other places.


·Inherently flame retardant

·Thermal insulation


·High temperature resistance

·Fire resistant


Fireproof clothing, firefighters turnout gear, Emergency Rescue Wear, Industry, gloves, etc


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Customize Service Weight, Width
Packing 300meters/roll
Delivery Time Stock Fabric: within 3 days. Customize Order: 30days.

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