High Strength Abrasion Resistant UHMWPE Fabric

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Composition UHMWPE, Viscose, (Elastane)
Weight 12oz/yd²- 406 g/m², 14.2 oz/yd²- 480 g/m²
Width 150cm
Available Colors Indigo, Black
Structure Woven
Features Abrasion Resistant, Anti cut, Ripstock, High Tensile

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In this innovation, In order to produce a denim fabric that is professionally used in motorcycle professional protective clothing, after many proofing, we finally developed UHMWPE denim fabric. By adding UHMWPE (HPPE) to motorcycle clothing. UHMWPE (HPPE) has the advantages of high strength, high modulus and light weight. After special weaving, the fabric adopts a double-layer structure, which greatly enhances the wear resistance of the fabric and provides protection in all directions. The front of the fabric is as soft as cotton fabric, UHMWPE(HPPE) yarn is hidden inside. The fabric provides protection in all directions. The fabric is fashionable, beautiful, breathable and comfortable. Riders can ride more freely, boldly pursue faster speeds and more perfect movements.

The fabric can pass the EN17092 Protective Clothing for Motorcycle Riders test standard.

Super Abrasion Resistant

UHMWPE denim is more abrasion resistant than Kevlar denim, and it’s durable, cut proof. UHMWPE series denim fabric, the strongest denim fabric only one layer of fabric can meet the test requirements of EN17092. We have different test grades of fabrics to meet different market requirements and different market positioning.

High Breaking Strength

The breaking strength of UHMWPE fiber is 8 times that of steel wire and 2 times that of aramid fiber. UHMWPE series denim, the breaking strength of warp and weft is very large, we call it unbreakable, it’s tear resistant. Fabric is washable and durable. Washing does not reduce the protective properties of the fabric.

Comfortable and Breathable

Made of UHMWPE and Viscose/cotton blended yarn, Viscose/cotton is moisture wicking and breathable. Even if the weight is thick, it is not stuffy.

Custom Garment Prototype

We can directly provide samples of motorcycle clothing, you only need to provide the design, we can help you make the prototype. Provide a complete production service from fabric to garment.

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Customize Service Color, Weight, Structure
Packing 50meters/roll
Delivery Time Stock Fabric: within 3 days. Customize Order: 30days.

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