Aramid Knitted Fabric

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Model HRAW150
Composition 100%Meta Aramid (Nomex)100%Para Aramid (Kevlar)
Weight 4.42 oz/yd²- 150 g/m², 200gsm
Width 150cm
Available Colors Yellow,Blue, Red, Black, Beige, etc
Structure Knitted
Color Fastness Level 4
Features Inherently Flame Retardant, Heat Resistant, High Temperature Resistant, Abrasion Resistant

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Our aramid knitted fabric, made of 100% Meta aramid or 100% Nomex, can be specially used for firefighters' hoods and underwear.
When firefighters rescue, the flame may touch every part of the body, so the whole body needs fire and flame retardant protection. This fabric can be used as a firefighter's face hood, or underwear.
The fabric is made of ultra-fine aramid yarn by knitting. The fabric has a tight structure and feels fine and soft to the touch.

1. Permanent flame retardant
This fabric composition is 100% aramid fiber, no flame retardant, and the flame retardant effect will not be weakened after washing. Does not continue to burn away from the fire source. There is no melting or dripping phenomenon when burning, and it will not burn the skin.
2. High temperature resistance
The high temperature resistance of the fabric is greater than 200 °C in a short time, and the high temperature resistance is greater than 300 °C in a short time.
3. Breathable
Fabric used for hood or underwear, the fabric is required to be breathable and not stuffy. This fabric has tiny gaps and holes between the yarns, breathable.
4. Elasticity
This fabric is stretchy. The fabric is abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant and durable.
1.Light Weight
The regular weight of the fabric is 200g/m2, which is very light. The fabric does not contain formaldehyde, which is healthy for the respiratory tract.

For firefighter hoods and underwear

Customized service
We also have 100% para aramid knitting fabric, 100% Kevlar or aramid terry, aramid fleece, aramid and other fiber blends knitting fabric. Color: dope dyeing, yarn dyeing , fabric piece dyeing. Other specifications can also be customized. As long as it is aramid / Kevlar / Nomex knitting fabric, we can provide it for you.
According to different raw materials, processes and ingredients, we will quote different product prices. Please tell us your specification requirements.


· Abrasion Resistant
· Fire Proof Resistant
· Inherently Flame Retardant
· Heat Resistant
· Cut Resistant
· High Strength


Fireproof Clothes, Protective clothing motor racing , Kart Protective Clothing, etc.


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Customize Service Color, Weight, Dyeing method, Structure
Packing 50meters/roll
Delivery Time Stock Fabric: within 3 days. Customize Order: 30days.

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