Abrasion Resistant Dyneema Fabric For Motorsport

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Composition UHMWPE, Viscose, (Elastane)
Weight 12oz/yd²- 406 g/m², 14.2 oz/yd²- 480 g/m²
Width 150cm
Available Colors Indigo, Black
Structure Woven
Features Abrasion Resistant, Anti cut, Ripstock, High Tensile

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In this innovation, we added UHMWPE (HPPE) to motorcycle clothing. UHMWPE (HPPE) has the advantages of high strength, high modulus and light weight. It is mixed with natural fibers. After special weaving, the front of the fabric is as soft as cotton fabric, and the back has UHMWPE reinforced protection. The fabric provides protection in all directions. The fabric is fashionable, beautiful, breathable and comfortable. Riders can ride more freely, boldly pursue faster speeds and more perfect movements.

The fabric meets the EN17092 test standard. One layer of fabric can meet the test requirements. For samples, please contact us.

Our UHMWPE denim fabric is assembled from cotton, viscose and UHMWPE fibers. UHMWPE is mainly used in space, military and maritime applications. This exclusive technology produces real denim, which makes UHMWPE denim fabric technological innovation, so that denim clothing can also have professional high-tech protection functions.
This fabric is very suitable for motorcycle clothing, replacing traditional leather clothing, and the fabric is stretchy, soft and comfortable. With professional motorcycle clothing design, the protective performance of the entire clothing can achieve better results. The product has a wide range of uses, in addition to motorcycle clothing, it can also be used for other wear-resistant and cut-resistant clothing. This fabric can be designed into different garments, textiles.

Super abrasion resistant, cut resistant, tear resistant and UV resistant. Please contact us to download the test report

Cotton feel
Stretchy, lightweight, single-layer fabric that sticks to your skin with cotton or viscose.
It contains cotton or viscose, and the fabric is comfortable and breathable. And unlike traditional motorcycle clothing, there are many layers of fabric stitched together, and the protective performance of our one-layer fabric can exceed that of traditional multi-layer fabrics. Dress lightly. The fabric is stretchy and non-stretchable. There are also different UHMWPE content, different fabric colors.

Easy to care for and washable. It can be worn everyday or professionally used for motorcycle clothing. Durable, only when the fabric is dropped and the ground rubs, the fabric may reduce its service life, and it will not be worn for 10 years.

Get Free Samples
The fabric can pass the EN17092 Protective clothing for motorcycle riders, and we can provide the corresponding fabric according to your test level requirements. Customize your uhmwpe denim fabric to seize the market. Feel free to contact us for product catalogs and free samples for testing.


·Abrasion Resistant

·High Strength

·Rip Stop

·Cut proof



Protective clothing motor racing , Horse racing, Motorsport, etc.

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Customize Service Color, Weight, Structure
Packing 50meters/roll
Delivery Time Stock Fabric: within 3 days. Customize Order: 30days.

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