Insulating fabric Functional protective fabric

Multifunctional flame retardant fabric refers to two or more functional protective fabrics Insulating fabric with flame retardant, anti-static, anti-acid and alkali, anti-oil and waterproof, anti-UV and other functions. Multi-functional fabrics are just like the superhuman in fabrics. They have the same appearance asInsulating fabric ordinary fabrics, but have functions that ordinary fabrics do not have. They are green fabrics with both luster and elegant, good air permeability, and good moisture absorption and heat preservation. The development of finishing technology for multi-functional fabrics is developing towards functionalization, differentiation, gentrification, diversification and depth of processing technology, and emphasizing the improvement of product performance, the increase of product added value, the improvement of processing depth, and the acquisition of good finishing products.Insulating fabric

Zhuocheng Textile special protective fabric has a variety of functions, and various functions do not affect each other, can achieve their own functional protection effects and indicators, suitable for a variety of complex environment. After dyeing and finishing, the grey cloth has the advantages of soft feel, strong draping, novel style, waterproof and fireproof performance, etc. Flame-retardant multifunctional fabrics have the advantages of excellent quality, fine texture, soft luster, high strength, high environmental protection, excellent flame retardant performance, and more obvious price advantages, which are loved by customers. According to customer requirements can be a variety of functions together, easy to meet different operational requirements. Multifunctional fabrics can be made into jackets, pants, shirts, onesies, suits, etc

The multifunctional fabric has good flame retardant and washing resistance, non-toxic and odorless, safe and reliable for human body, breathable and wet, soft feel, and comfortable to wear. Flame-retardant multifunctional fabric can meet the functional needs of various scenes. In a strict sense, multifunctional fabric can have special function and super performance by changing the fabric properties, adding functional materials, adding various preparations and technologies in the production process and post-finishing.

The company’s leading products are flame retardant fire prevention, acid and alkali prevention, anti-static, anti-oil and water, anti-UV and multifunctional composite fabric products widely used in smelting, fire protection, forestry, chemical, petroleum, coal, transportation, railway, national defense and other industries. Product quality by the national labor protection equipment testing center can meet and better than the relevant national standards.

Post time: Sep-24-2022