Flame retardant fabric is a kind of fabric with high resistance to fire

Flame retardant fabric is a kind of fabric with high fire resistance, so flame retardant fabric can still burn, but can greatly reduce the burning rate and trend of the fabric. According to the characteristics of flame retardant fabric, it can be divided into disposable, Flame retardant fabric permanent and washable flame retardant fabric. Flame retardant fabric is the flame retardant properties of the material itself, such as arylon, nitrile cotton, etc. The other is to add flame retardant coating on the basis of cotton, polyester and other fabrics to achieve flame retardant effect, but no matter what kind of flame retardant fabric, as long as the legal production is harmless to human body.Flame retardant fabric

Flame retardant fabrics are generally used in medical, fire and other industries, and are basically not used in our daily clothing. It should be noted that flame retardant cloth is not equal to fire retardant cloth, fire retardant cloth will not burn. Often used in the production of industrial protective clothing, mountaineering clothing and other products.Flame retardant fabric


Flame retardant fabric: This kind of flame retardant fabric is permanent, in addition to flame retardant, also has high strength and wear resistance, radiation and static resistance also has outstanding performance, the soft and stable size of the fabric will not cause harm to the human body.

Flame retardant acrylic fabric texture is soft and elastic, feel fluffy, hairy, good heat preservation, suitable for winter clothing, spring and autumn tooling.

Nylon flame retardant fabric: 88% cotton fiber and 12% nylon fiber blended. This fabric has strong wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, excellent moisture absorption and high strength, as well as softness, texture and comfort texture and comfort.

Elastic flame retardant fabric: made of 95% cotton fiber and 5% spandex. Protective clothing made of this fabric is more comfortable, more decent, and easier to take care of. It is the best choice for people to pursue protection, beauty and comfort.

Arylon flame-retardant fabric: Made of arylon yarn fixed spinning, fixed weaving and fixed dyeing. Because the aramid fiber itself has noncombustible, excellent electrical insulation, excellent chemical stability, excellent mechanical properties, thermal stability of the persistent wait for a characteristic, woven from the fabric of aramid flame retardant fabric combines the advantages of ordinary flame retardant fabric has excellent fire retardant properties, electric properties, resistance to chemical corrosion, thermal protection performance, wear resistance and tear resistance.

CVC flame retardant fabric is strong, wrinkle-resistant and durable.

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