Acrylic cotton flame retardant fabric is a kind of electrical insulation material

Acrylic cotton flame retardant fabric is an electrical insulation material, usually above the resistance. In particular, low hygroscopic polyester, polyacrylonitrile fiber, and other synthetic fibers such as chloramide. The main reason for acrylic cotton flame retardant fabric is due to the close contact and friction between fiber and fiber, fiber and mechanical parts, charge transfer and static electricity on the surface of the object. Fibers of the same charge repel each other, fibers of different charges attract mechanical components; As a result, it will lead to the increase of hair, spinning feathers, poor crimping, fiber winding parts, increased breakage of spinning lines, and cloth surface dispersion. Clothing electrostatic, will absorb a lot of dust, easy to pollution;

After the working suit is charged, a lot of dust is adsorbed, pollution is simple, and the working suit and the human body, and the working suit and the working suit will also have entanglement or electric spark. Therefore, electrostatic interference, affect the smooth finishing, affect the quality of products and fabric performance. Please control the full amount of oxygen bleaching agent at 80% of the dose.

There are usually several ways to remove electrostatic fabrics: fabrics with antistatic finishing agents; The second is to improve the fabric moisture absorption fiber grafting modification, hydrophilic fiber mixed chemical fiber fabric interlace; The third is mixed chemical fiber fabric or embedded conductive fiber; The mechanism of action of the first two methods is to increase moisture return of the fabric, reduce insulation and accelerate electrostatic leakage. Therefore, if in a dry environment or after repeated cleaning, finishing effect is either not durable or not significant, usually used for general work wear fabrics. Only the third method can effectively solve the electrostatic problem of acrylic cotton flame retardant fabric for a long time, so it is widely used in the production of electrostatic removal work clothes.

Post time: Sep-23-2022