uhmwpe fabric suppliers:Fire retardant bushing row test data are much smaller than its fiber

(1) Measurement of moisture absorption (moisture recovery) of fabric. Fire retardant distribution line test data are far less than its fiber common moisture return rate, after high power electron microscope to see the fabric does not finish coating processing, it can be seen that conductive wire will significantly reduce the fabric moisture return. Different raw materials of fabrics for comparison, polyester electrostatic fabric is far less than the moisture return rate of T/C blended antistatic fabric, as long as T/C flame retardant work clothes blended antistatic fabric 1/3. It can be seen that the inclusion of antistatic surface in cotton fiber can improve its moisture absorption and moisture recovery.uhmwpe fabric suppliers

(2) Measurement of moisture permeability of antistatic fabric. uhmwpe fabric suppliers The test data can be seen that the anti static silk FDY of the worst moisture permeability, and the other three pieces of fabric moisture permeability is not much. Lattice anti-static silk FDY moisture permeability difference soon not much antibacterial deodorant cloth as long as the other three pieces of fabric 1/2.

(3) Water conductivity test of antistatic fabric (core absorption effect method). The performance of the test data can be seen that the anti – static silk FDY core suction ability is the worst. 4.2.2 Effect analysis The effect of the test can be seen that the polyester fabric has good anti-pilling function, anti-wrinkle and non-ironing fabric


No fuzz and pilling after rubbing. uhmwpe fabric suppliers The polyester and cotton blend is worse to clarify the fuzz and pilling function of the fabric mainly depends on the choice of fabric raw materials.

Artificial cotton jacquard fabric The fabric anti acid and alkali fabric adopts rayon yarn 32S as the material, the specification is 90×88, the jacquard transformation organization layout, in the cotton jacquard machine staggered, dye and finish deep processing, the fabric planning strange material fair, set delicate and soft, moisture absorption, no wrinkle, easy to wash and dry advantages in one. Its cloth door width is 150cm, gram weight :105g/m2, the market price per meter grey cloth is 7.60 yuan next to. Listed glory to navy blue, dark gray, coffee, nine red, apricot yellow, light blue, lake green, especially received by customers.

Antistatic cloth it is suitable for making women’s scarves, bedding, etc. Artificial cotton jacquard fabric, now sold to Yiwu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other places.

It is expected to double the trend of the afternoon. The fabric is made of JT/C45S/2×45S/2, with a specification of 100×53, mixed with a conductive metal fiber at the weft repressor distance, and woven on rapier loom. The cloth surface has different visual results, close to see the note is very white and charming, and far to see a hidden strip of the sense of plane and lethargy.

Looking back on the cloth ground, there is not only wool texture and calm calm feeling of cotton, but also the color and light change and drape change of polyester fabric. The fabric to the flame of the flame of the strange, clothing, not easy to deformation, affordable advantages of the modern workers to suit the favor of wrinkleproof irons, the market wholesale price per meter next to 10.00 yuan, as many as 10 kinds of color. Anti-static polyester cotton thread silk if used to make inflammable and explosive occasions such as chemical, liquefied gas station, gas station, oil depot oil tanker.

Post time: Feb-08-2023