nomex insulation factory:Acid and alkali resistant fabric wear good characteristics

In addition to the characteristics of the original fabric, such as strong color fastness, soft hand feel and good air permeability, the result of processing also has the characteristics of direct results, good durability and good durability of acid-alkali resistant fabric. In the comparison of a small amount of antibacterial fibers in the city and the city, it has been proved that the dissolution-type liquidating agent is not connected with the textile, but is taken away by water. The important use period of this kind of liquidating agent is near the abandoned textile.nomex insulation factory

Beijing Jieershuang high-tech unlimited company antibacterial cotton fabric antibacterial duration is better than antibacterial differentiated fiber. The reason is that the antistatic cloth antibacterial ineffective impregnation area is important in the fiber surface. nomex insulation factory In the printing and dyeing process of the fabric results of the settlement of the reward punishment.

The key is in the process of regular consumption in the printing and dyeing factory, nomex insulation factory through dipping or dipping, and then drying, anti-static fabric beginning through high temperature stretching or qualitative fifth fruitful textiles and nano skills research meeting proceedings 2(X)5 to 5 to realize the process of fabric liquidation.

It is characterized by the need not to unusual configuration, processing dominates rough, wrinkle free ironing cloth today’s results are divided into dissolution type and non-dissolution type two categories. The non-dissolving liquidating agent is connected with the fabric by chemical bond, which is the liquidation over time. The result is not affected by the number of cleaning, the use of popular.

Post time: Feb-10-2023