Application of fireproof cloth in fire fighting insulation paper factory

If the fireproof temperature of the fireproof cloth reaches 800-1500 degrees according to the standard, the ordinary flame cannot let him burn at all. Even if he burns with the fire all the time, the temperature exceeds the peak value and he burns up, but if the fire source is taken away, he will be extinguished immediately. It is roughly divided into silica coated glass fiber cloth, basalt fiber fireproof cloth, acrylic fiber fireproof cloth, NOMEX fireproof cloth, SM fireproof cloth, blue glass fiber fireproof cloth, aluminum foil fireproof cloth, etc.insulation paper factory


Application field:

1. In the hull workshop, welding station in the outer field and above and below the ship loading dock of the shipyard, a fireproof cloth enclosure is used to surround the welding station to prevent the splash of Mars and the leakage of arc light;insulation paper factory

2, ship kitchen or home kitchen with a fireproof cloth, covering fire extinguisher is faster and more effective than the fire extinguisher, after the collection and save trouble;insulation paper factory

3. The walls of the entertainment venues, the ballroom on the ship and the sound insulation rooms of the officers used ordinary decorative cloth and now use fireproof decorative cloth;

4, in addition, like lampshade lining with fireproof cloth, white soft, good reflection. This kind of fireproof cloth can withstand high temperature, does not emit harmful gas at high temperature, with different weaving patterns.

Flame retardant cloth and fire retardant cloth in the literal function seems to be the same, but their actual function is different.

1, fireproof fabric is not burning fabric. Such as: asbestos cloth, fiberglass cloth, etc

2, flame retardant fabric is to prevent combustion, slow down the speed of combustion, but will produce carbonization phenomenon, commonly used flame retardant cloth, such as: post-treatment: cotton flame retardant fabric, CVC flame retardant fabric, C88/N12 cotton flame retardant fabric, etc. Raw material flame retardant are: aramid flame retardant fabric, acrylic flame retardant fabric, etc.

Post time: Feb-14-2023